Bahona College Arts Society 

Bahona College Arts Society (BCAS) is a joint forum of the Arts departments of Bahona College. It works in the field of politics, economy, culture, literature, ecology and other issues related to social sciences. The society is publishing a half yearly research journal titled Journal of Culture, Literature and Social Sciences (JCLASS). Who’s Who: President: Prof. Keshab Ch. Nath Secretary: Prof. Pankaj Bora Treasurer: Prof. Reema Rabha Members: Prof. Pronoti Duarah Bora Prof. Binada Borah Prof. Namita Chutia Saikia Prof. Ajit Kumar Borah Prof. Amarjyoti Bharali Prof. Mridul Dutta

Bahona College Film Society Bahona College has set up a film society - "Annweshan" with the objective of developing educative values and appreciation of good cinema among the students.

Chhatra Bikash Kendra This centre has been set up to introduce the students to the Indian traditional spritual values to the students. It encourages and conducts training on yoga, pranayam etc. in the college campus. This cell also organizes programes to teach life-saving skills to the students through martial arts and the likes.

Botanical Hobby Centre Botanical Hobby Centre was established in 2002 to create an interest in plants among the students. Various hobbies offered by the centre are- *. collection and cultivation of ferns, orchids, bulbs & succulents. *. propagation of plants by grafting, cutting, layering and budding. *. indoor and outdoor gardening. *. ethnobotanical studies.

Forum, Society etc. at the Departmental Level All the departments conduct community based and ethnographic studies and socio-cultural and literary programmes at the individual departmental level through their forums and societies. These forums are - 1. Literary and Cultural Forum 2. Forum for History Studies, 3. Economic Association 4. Political Science Forum, 5. Educational Association 6. Asomiya Bibhagio Chora 7. Biological Forum 8. Physics Society (link) 9. The English Literary Club 10. Bandhan 11.BAHONA COLLEGE POLITICAL SCIENCE ASSOCIATION (BCPSA): Bahona College Political Science Association (BCPSA) is an academic association of the Department of Political Science, Bahona College. It aims to promote academic and research activities in the field of Political Science. It organizes issue based Talks twice a year and publishes the departmental magazine ‘DHWONI- the voice of the people’.

ASSAM SCIENCE SOCIETY, BAHONA BRANCH Assam Science Society, Bahona Branch was established in 1978. Since then National Science day, World Environment day etc. have been celebrated in every year. Programs like popular talk, regarding Science and Mathematics are arranged in the college and as well as in the nearest schools of the College. Training program of high School Science Teachers were also conducted several times. Science Society also has arranged visits by the School student’s of neighbouring area to the Science laboratories of various Department of Bahona College, such as Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Computer Science etc. Moreover it also organizes quiz and essay competitions in different schools of Jorhat district.The regular activities of Assam Science Society, Bahona Branch are- 1.Observation of National Science Day 2.Science Week 3.World Environment Day 4.Teachers training Program, Popular talk, Quiz competition on various science topics, poster presentation, essay completion, extempore speech competition, Social service camp, environmental awareness camp etc. among different categories of school and college students.

The present committee of Assam Science Society, Bahona Branch is: President: Dr. Prasanna Kumar Dutta, Principal, Bahona College Secretary: Mr. Manah Jyoti Borah, Asst. Professor, Dept. Of Mathematics, Bahona College Joint Assistant Secretary: Dr. Madhusmita Boruah Changkakoti, Associate Professor, Dept. Of Assamese, Bahona College Mrs. Protiva Bora, Associate Professor, Dept. of Botany, Bahona College.