Rules for Internal Assessment in B.A./B.Sc./ B.Com. Programmes in Semester System

1. The marks allotted for Internal Assessment (20%) in each course shall be based on the following:
a) Sessional Examination I (Written): 25% of  the m arks all otted for internal assessment.
b) Sessoinal Examination II (Written): 25% of the  marks allotted for internal assessment.
c) Seminar/ Group Oiscussion: 25% of the marks all otted for internal assessment.
d) Attendance: 25% of the marks all otted for internal assessment.

2. Each sessional examination shall be conducted by the concerned teacher(s) of the course. The setting of question paper, invigilation duty, evaluation of answer scripts for each paper shall be done by the concerned teacher(s) as a part of his/her/their normal duty. The teacher concerned shall fix the date of the sessional examination of each course complying wit h t he Academic Calendar of the University.

3. The students shall have to write the answers in the scripts provided and duly authenticated by the college/ institute concerned.


4. After evaluation, the answer scripts should be shown to the students and corrections should be made if necessary. After this, the answer script s should be collected back from the students. 

5. There shall be no provision for "repeat" / "betterment" in the sessional examination. If a student misses any sessional examination for unavoidable reasons, the concerned teacher may allow the student to appear in a separate examination at his/her own discretion. 

6. The marks of internal assessment secured by a candidate shall be carried over to next legitimate chances. 

7. If a course is taught by more than one teacher then the concerned teachers shall conduct the process of Internal assessment together.


8. If any student fails to appear in internal assessment, he/she shall not be eligible to appear in the end semester examinations of the course(s) concerned. The colleges/ institutes shall notify the same prior to filling up forms for examinations. 

9. At the end of the semester (before the end-semester examinations begin) the concerned College shall submit the internal assessment marks in proper format to the University. 

10. The University may call the answer scripts from the colleges/ institute at any time during the academic sessions.