Inculcation of social and national values is one of the major components of the vision of Bahona College. To bring this vision into reality, in addition to the regular course programmes, Bahona College tries to internalize the extension services in its mission. Extension services of the College are characteristically covered under three heads - academic, research and community.

Academic Extension Services Academic extension services are of two types - departmental level and college level. At departmental level, academic extension services are provided through following forums and associations. 

Academic extension services at College level are " 1. Study Center under Krishna Kanta Handique State Open University (KKHSOU) 2. Study center under Directorate of Distance Education, DU 3. Bridge Courses organized by Academic Development Cell 4. Career Counseling Programmes organized by Placement Cell S. Programmes of Entry in Services organized by Placement Cell 6. Students' workshop on academic matters organizedby Academic Development Cell 7. Orientation programmes organized by Science Departments in neighbouring schools 8. Orientation Courses made in-built in College Routine in order introduce the students with socio-economic, politico and environmental issues of the country and the world. 9. Activities of spiritual education and life saving skill development under Chatra Bikash Kendra.

Research Related Extension Services Research oriented extension services provided under Committee of Research and Consultancy are- 1. Programmes for promotion faculty research 2. Programmes for the promotion and quality management students' field survey and project preparation 3. Promotion minor andmajor research projects 4. Monitoring the department in proposal placement and programme operation 

Research oriented extension activities accomplished under departmental level are 1. Bahena College Economic Study and Research Center hosted by Department of Economics 2. Research works in separately developed laboratories in the Department of Physics and Botany. 3. local/ regional/ national level workshop and seminars and workshop meant for faculties and students

Community Extension Services The vision statement of the College reflects commitment to serve for community development. The mission here is to orient the students local eco-polltical, environmental and social issues. In community extension services the college is committed to the motto of 'Rural Development'. 1. Community works by NSS 2. Community and relief/rescue services by NCC 3. Science and environmental awareness and environment protection programmes organized by the Science Society 4. Programmes on women causes organized by Women cell S. Programme for medical help and guide by Health Care Centre 6. Programme of cultural care and development by Cultural Development Cell 7. Consultancy services through research projects 8. Workshops on occupational skill development of neighbouring people 9. Collaborative effort with NGOs- SEWA, Astitwa, louhitya, Enaori etc.

Village under Extension Care The College has brought two backward villages viz Kakila Kumar Gaon, and Mout Gaon, under the care of Community Extension Cell. The objective were to study the socio-economic and environmental issues of the villages and to make effort for development In collaboration with the local NGO 'SHEWA'. The Cell has already made an extensive household survey in the villages. This Programme attempts to perform the following activities - 1. Organization of six monthly Health Camp by Health Care Center 2. Organization programmes by Women Cell 3. Concessional studentship under distance education of the College 4. Reservation of1 seat each in SSDC of both Science and Arts 5. Preference of education care services to the students of this village 6. Monitoring health issues by Women Cell and Health Care center 7. Organizing six monthly skill development programme (Note : Needy students of this village are advised to contact with Dr. Rofique Ahmed, Coordinator of Community Extension Cell.)

Women Cell of Bahona College The Women cell of Bahena college was established in 2004 with a sincere attempt to bring about a radical improvement in the condition of the women and girls in and around the rural area of Bahena. Women Cell is so far extending helping hands to the women of this area through funds voluntarily contributed by the members. This Celltime to time organizes free medical camp, blood donation camps, camps of skill development, programmes of professional quality development of women etc. The Cell has also already orgnized five-day SAM workshop entitled "Women's Success In achieving Higher Education" ; one day workshop entitled 'Women and Work' under the guidance and supervision of " Rosa Luxemberg Foundation" . Apart from awareness programmes of gender issues, the cell is regularly celebrating the 'International Women's Day. The Cell has already published 'Annweshan', a collection of articles on 8th March, 2017.

Assam Science Society Bahona College is the headquarter of Assam Science Society, Bahona Branch that works for the growth of scientific view point, science education, environmental education, health education etc. Besides the various activities to popularize science among mass people and students of various schools and colleges of north-east Jorhat, the branch regularly organizes Science Teachers Training Programme, Popular Talks, Science Quiz Competition, Blood donation and Eye donation awareness programm e, Science Festival, Science Poster Competiti on etc and observes National Science Day, World Environmental Day, World AIDS day etc. The society also organizes l ect ures and demonstration classes based on high school level science course In different high schools of the neighbouring region. President " Dr. P. K Dutta Secretary " Dr. M. J Bora

Economic Study and Research Centre Bahona College Economic Study and Research Centre has been set up at the Initiative of the department of Economics with the objective to develop a data base on the socio-economic issues, mainly of upper Assam and to disseminate the same through web-link age and publication. Bahona College Economic Association is to work here as the students' wing, with the aim to encourage and motivate the students to have a direct took on the socio-economic issues of the neighbouring locality by engaging in field works and preparing reports on these issues.

Consultancy Services

Sl. No Department/ Committee assignedCon.sultan cv ,vpes
1Resea rch and Extension Committee
Resea rchconsultancy
2Women CellWomen empowerment
3Mrs.Santana Saikla
Gender Sensitization
4Fish Farming
Bee Keeping

Aquarium Maintenance
Pest Management
Department of Zoology
5Mushroom Culture
Orchid Culture
Department of Botany
6Soil Quality Test
Water Quality Test
Income tax
Investment Prudency
Department of Chemistry
7Financial Literacy
Self Employment
Survey Organization and Analysis
Human Rights
Department of  Mathematics
Department of
8Fundamental Rights
Panchayati Raj Institutions
Child Psychology
Department of  Political Science
9Mental Health and Hygiene
Educational Counseling
Department of Education
10Consultancyon  Scientific Model and Project Preparation at School level
Department of   Physics