Co-Curricular activities

National Cadet Corps (NCC) The college runs a three year course for NCC cadets of bothboys with anenrolment capacity 100.Central funding has been made available to enable the cadets to participate in various training camps. Students may join NCC which offers job prospects in the Indian Defence Services, CRPF, Para Military Forces, Indian Railways etc. Many Multinational and Private Companies give employment opportunities to students withBand C certificates of NCC. Present NCC officer : Lt Alock Kr Dutta, Asst Professor, Department of Mathematics. 

National Social Service (NSS) The college unit of NSS has strength of 50 male and 50 female volunteers. During last three years the NSS wing performs its various regular activities like campus cleaning and beautification,plantation, awareness camps in nearby villages, competition among the students to create awareness regarding various hazards and health problems, blood donation camps in collaboration with other agencies etc. Present Programme officer. Mr Pankaj Bora, Asst Professor of Political Science Department.

Cultural Development Cell The cultural centre has been set up with theobjective to introduce the students to the culture, values and intrinsic ideals at the local and national level. To this end,the centre organizes programmes to bring out the latent talents among the students and to recognize the local artists dedicated to working in this field. In certain programmes this cell collaborates with local NGO such as 'Enajori', 'lohitya' etc, working for the cause of cultural and social development. 

Bahona College Film Society Bahona College has also set up a film society - "Annweshan" with the objective of developing educative values and appreciation of good cinema among the students.

Chatra Bikash Kendra This Centre has been set up to introduce the students to the Indian traditional spiritual values to the students. It encourages and conducts training on yoga, pranayam etc.In the College campus. This Cell also organises programmes to teach lifesaving skills to the students through Martial Arts and the likes. 

Bi-Annual Inter-College Debating Competition The College organizes Jatiya Swahid Bi-annual All Assam Debating Competition in memory of the students martyrs of the nineteen eighties.

Foundation Day Annual Lecture Foundation Day Lecture, on relevant socio-academic issues, is organised annually inviting a learned person to grace the occasion. 

Apart from the programmes, already stated, some programmes Organised by the college regularly are - The College Foundation Day Independence Day Republic Day Ram Kumar Baruah Memorial Lecture in memory of the Founder Principal Late Ram Kumar Baruah. Freshmen Social College Week Teachers Day Shilpi Divas Bishnu Rabha Divas Death anniversary of Dr.Bhupen Hazarika Parboti Prasad Baruah Divas International Women's Day World Environment Day National Science Day Shri Panchami Tithi Sankardev Tithi Biswakarma Puja.