The college has a well stocked library with 29,839 books,1173 reference books,14 journals, 11 magazines and 8 news papers subscribed and online facilities with open access for the students.It also has a reading room accommodating more than SO students at a time . The library is open on all working days for B.A and B.Sc students for borrowing books - MondayFor all B.A/ B.Sc classes Tuesday-For all B.A/B.Sc. classes Wednesday-For All H.S.II Yr./B.A/B.Sc Classes Thursday-For All H.S. I Yr./B.A/8.Sc Classes Friday-For all B.A/ B.Sc classes Saturday-Question Paper for all students Working Time of Library: 10 am to 4pm The authority on the maintenance of discipline lies with the Principal & his/her decision shall be final in such matters.

Network Resource 

Centre A Network Resource Centre is attached to the library with free internet connectivity and, photocopy facility for the students and staff. The working hours of the NRC is same as that of the library. 

Departmental Library 

All the departments have departmental libraries parti cularly for the major students and the faculty members.


The science departments and the Department of Education have well equipped and modern laboratories for the practical classes. Some departmental laboratories have been developed for research works. 

Computer laboratory 

A well-equipped computer laboratory for computer practical classes of SSDC and Higher Secondary Students withprovision of accommodating SO students at a time.

Digital Classroom 

There are 6 digital classrooms equipped with LCD Projector for 60 students in each. 

Infrastructural Accomodation 

"Girls' hostel" with a capacity for Eighty (80) boarders, the hostel provides hygienic living conditions with personalised care. "Boys' hostel" with acapacity for Fifty (50) boarders. "Private hostels recommended by the college, within short distance from the college. 

Note : The UGC has schemes providing free boarding at the college hostel to economically backward students. Rental allowances are paid to economically backward students boarding at private rented houses recommended by the college under UGC schemes. Hostel Superintendent : Mr. Bijoy Kumar Baruah - Phone - 9435478155

Common Rooms 

There are separate, furnished common rooms for boys and girls with indoor games facilities. 


The canteen provides freshly cooked meals and snacks to students, staff and visitors at subsidised rates. 

Drinking water plant Provides safe and clean water to the students.


The auditorium has a permanent stage and a sitting capacity for an audience of 800. 

Roop Konwar Seminar Hall A modern seminar hall with fitted sound system for seminars,workshops,talks and other academic activities for both students and faculty. 

Play Ground A large playground for outdoor games used jointly with Bahona Boys' High School. 

Indoor Stadium A well equipped Indoor Stadium with a Gymnasium for students, employees and neighbouring youths. 

Others "Synthetic Badminton Court & Volley Ball Court Car Sheds Bicycle Shed & Motor Bike Sheds


The college has introduced the system of mentoring the students by maintaining a mentoring register and diary at departmental level. In this system the academic responsibility of a group of students is fixed on a particular faculty who provides personal care and guidance to the students registered under him. Currently, WhatsApp mentoring is growing. 

Govt. Scholarships 

Students belonging to SC, ST, OBC are entitled to govt. scholarships. The scholarship holders are required to observe strict discipline and maintain regular class attendance. 

College Scholarships 

The following college scholarships are offered on a 'Means cum Merit' basis. L.N. Dutta Memorial Scholarship. Bahona College Teacher"s Inspiration Scholarship. Students' Competition Scholarship. Usha Devi Memorial Scholarship [reserved for girl students) College Talent Award (This award is given to students securing first class marks in Degree (Major) final Examination and to students securing position among the first ten in the H.S.Final Examination.) Mukheswar Bora Prerona Award (Awarded to student securing highest marks In Degree (Arts/Science) in the college. Dr. Bharat Ch. Bora Memorial Trust Scholarship (This scholarship takes care of the expenses incurred during the academic years in the college of BPL student(s) on the basis of merit and consistently good performance.) Puspadhar Kharghariya Memorial Trust Scholarship (This scholarship will be offered to two meritorious but economically poor students of Charigaon Mouza,Jorhat on getting admission in to H.S.1st year at Bahona College.) Besides these, the departments have their individual schemes of scholarships and financial aid. 

Free Studentship 

The college has provisions of cent percent or partial free studentship on merit-cum mean basis, particularly for students of BPL families. Some need -based fees relaxation provisions are also there for meritorious and regular students of economically backward families.