Rules & Regulation

It is obligatory to attend classes regularly. A student is required to obtain a minimum of 80% attendance of the total lectures delivered on each academic session failing of which he or she will be debarred from appearing in the examination. He or she may also have to forfeit the seat.

2. All students are required to attend in college uniform.

3. All Societies & Association of the college shall be subject to guidance & control of the college authority.

4. Only Societies recognized by the authority shall have access of the facilities of the college campus.
5. All notices desired to be circulated by the Students Union in the college premises shall require the prior approval of the principal.

6. Any of the following acts by the students will be considered as punishable offence-

(a) Habitual irregularity.
(b) Indulgence in any kind of violent activities.
(c) Disobedience & indecent behavior toward teachers, non-teaching staff, support staff visitors & the college authority.
(d) Damaging, defacing or devaluating any college property.

7. Use of mobile phones within the college campus is prohibited.

The campus of the college has already been declared a “Tobacco Free Zone”. So use of tobacco in the college campus is punishable as per law.

Registration and Migration
               Students from Board of Universities other than SEBAA, AHSEC and DU shall have to produce migration certificates at time of admission.
Identity Card
              Indent cards are issued to the students after a few days of admission. Students are carry this card when they come to the college is must produce it whenever necessary.


Boys- white shirt and black trousers.

Girls- Navy blue kurta and white churidar/salwer or navy blue blouse, white chador and muga or similar colored mekhela.

Note: Wearing college uniform is mandatory

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