1. The college magazine 'Swaswata' is brought out annually at the initiative of the college students union and the college administration. The magazine, creative and literary outlet of the students also reviews the educational, social, and cultural and sports activities of the College.

2. In addition, most of the departments publish regularly wall magazines for the exposure of literary talents of the students. Besides, some of the departments publish periodicals and collection of articles contributed by the students and faculties of the department concern.

3. Bahona College Women Cell publishes "Joutrlmoyee" annually.

4. The college also periodically publishes "Bahona College News Bulletin" to have reflection of Its prgrammes and achievements.

5. An un-edlted open wall magazine "Jillnganl" has been opened to encourage the students to literary works and protecting their feelings to go detrack.

6. The boarding Bahonians under the banner of Udayan Chatra Oikya Mancha publish an annual mouthpiece named Probahan.

Departmental level Publications
1 Assamese Abhigyan
Hand Written Magazine
Wall Magazine
2 English Elysian
News Nuggest
Hand Written Magazine

Wall Magazine
3 Economics Zilingani
Dapun The Mirror
Open Magazine
Periodical with Issn
Wall Magazine
4 Political Science Nirobhodhi
Wall Magazine
5 Histroy Probah Wall Magazine
6 Chemistry Bonding
Wall Magazine (Science Based)
Wall Magazine (Literary)
7 Maths & Computer Science Mathepedia Wall Magazine
8 Botany Bloosom Wall Magazine
9 Zoology Prokriti
Wall Magazine
10 Statistics Statista Wall Magazine
11 Physics Quantum Wall Magazine
12 Education Pratiti Wall Magazine
13 Women Cell Astitwa Wall Magazine
14 Sahitya Chora Anwsha  

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